Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hypnosis can help you quit smoking

Would you like some help quitting smoking? If you are like most of the smoking population who want to quit you have probably been talking yourself into giving up cigarettes for some time. Maybe you have even used patches or gum and found them to be hopeless. If you have made the decision to stop smoking and just need a little help, Irish Hypnosis could be your solution.

Louis Ryan, managing director of Irish Hypnosis, explains how his hypnotherapy clinic can help you achieve your goals this year.

“We have a 95 per cent success rate with our quit smoking programme. For most people it is an absolute pleasure giving up and for others it is like they never smoked.”

He warns that hypnotists are not miracle workers, even if the results sometimes appear to be miraculous.

“If someone comes into the clinic and they are being pushed into giving up cigarettes, the chances of them quitting are quite low. You must want to give them up yourself.”

When asked if everyone can be hypnotised and if hypnosis really works he is obviously accustomed to the question, as he replies with a smile, “the reason we know it works is that we see the results every day of the week. Some people will not go into a hypnotic state during the session if they are afraid of hypnosis, so we do our best to fully explain how the process works so that they know that they are in control all of the time. Many people are afraid of losing control.”

Ironically, as hypnotists, he explains, “we dedicate our lives to giving people back control over their lives.”

This is especially true, he says, for the work which Irish Hypnosis does for people who suffer with panic attacks and anxiety. “Anxiety is such a common complaint and with the advanced techniques which we use panic attacks can be eliminated within two to three sessions.”

The sessions are very relaxing, he explains, and it is even effective for weight loss. “You know it really takes the pain out of losing weight and it encourages people to establish long term healthy eating habits so that they can keep the weight off.”

Louis obviously takes great pride in his work and is delighted when he gets feedback from his former clients. “You know, we had one gentleman call us recently from Dubai. He was exactly a year off the cigarettes and he had put the money he used to spend on the cigarettes into a ‘holiday fund’! He said he was enjoying the smoke free life and was delighted with himself and wanted to say thank you again. That made my day.”

Irish Hypnosis have recently expanded their offices to include Portlaoise and Carlow following the success of the Dublin and Drogheda offices. Louis is clearly excited about the new venture. “I have been trying to get Pauline on board with Irish Hypnosis for some time as she is a great hypnotist with a good record and I am delighted to welcome her on board in our Carlow office.”

It would appear that the bottom line is if you need help achieving your New Year resolutions to quit smoking or lose weight, or if it is time to finally get rid of the anxiety, Irish Hypnosis is there to help you.


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