Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amy Winehouse Quit Smoking for 30 Seconds

You got to love Amy Winehouse, you really do. She is dying of something but that is ot going to stop her. The first reports claimed she had tuberculosis, then her father claimed she had emphysema and someone even suggested she may have "crack lung" (yes crack lung is a real thing), I am going to choose: all of the above.

Most of these things would suggest she needs to stop smoking cigarettes and crack, but Winehouse lit up a cigarette soon after her release from the hospital, thus making me fall in love with her a little more. I know it seems like I give Winehouse a lot of crap, but I really am in love with her. It is shit like this, the videos of her smoking crack, singing racist songs, and so on that have won my heart.

She is like my father, Clint Eastwood, and GG Allin all rolled into one, plus she can sing! What more could you ask from a woman? Well also that she enjoys anal sex, can cook/clean and is rich that is!

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